LInks for Third Grade Animal Habitat Research Project

Third graders, here are the links we will be using for our project:

Mrs. McPheeter’s Class Padlet

Mrs. Bricker’s Class Padlet

When you are done posting at least one idea on Padlet, then here are some links to explore. Look for ideas of animals/habitats that would be good for this project. (Not every animal will be found on every page.) THINK ABOUT: Are there any animals that it would be hard to build a habitat for in Minecraft?

Detroit Zoo Animal Habitats – click on the links on the left side to go to a habit, then look at the bottom left to see animal links

Animals A to Z – by location

Animals A to Z – in alphabetical order

Animal Facts

National Geographic Animals – click on the picture links or type the name of an animal in the search box

Oakland Zoo Animals – locate by animal group

Arkive – endangered animals, this one is a little harder to read


If you cannot find your answer using the links above, here are kid friendly search engines you may use. I will explain how to use this later – please wait to use:

Kid Rex Search Engine

Kiddle Search Engine

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