Online Learning for 2 – 5: April 27 – Superheroes and Avatars

This week’s message from Miss Bosch

This week you are going to have the opportunity to use technology to create your own superhero or avatar. Please select one or more activities to do. When you are done, you may leave me a comment to let me know which activity you did and what you learned and liked about it. If you do a project, I would love to see a picture of it. An adult may send me an email to share it with me. ( I also challenge you to be a “Superhero” this week around your house by doing something kind and helpful for the people who are living in your home!

Examples using iPad apps


  • Super Hero Me – show your super powers! (This doesn’t have a save button, have an adult help you take a screenshot to save.)
  • Star Wars – design your own Star Wars Character
  • Hero Maker – from PBS, create a hero and learn about other REAL Heros!
  • Style-a-Hero – use character traits to build your hero
  • Avatar Maker – detailed features to design your face, this one is a kid favorite!
  • MiniMizer – design a Lego style person
  • Disney Yourself – make yourself look like a Disney Character
  • Peanuts – make a Peanuts character that looks like you
  • Adventure Story Comic Covers – design your own custom comic cover (note: this one is advanced, but older students may be able to figure it out!)

PROJECT – turn your photo into a superhero on an iPad. Watch this video below to learn how.

ON AN IPAD (ask a grown-up before downloading):


  1. LaKristiana says:

    Hello Miss Bosch,

    I chose to do a project using the Pickayoo app.

    You should be getting the email of my drawing soon.

    I learned how to use the app to draw my person.

    I liked that we could dress our own people.

  2. Nadiyah says:

    love them

  3. Samantha says:

    I have used Superhero Me. I’ll send an email for it.

  4. Nola says:

    Making myself a super hero was fun!

  5. Matthew says:

    Hi Mrs. Bosch,

    I used my Mom’s IPhone to create a superhero. I used markup under photos. I will send a picture to your email and explain what I liked most and what I learned.

  6. Karen Bosch says:

    I got your picture. It was awesome!

  7. Ronin says:

    i did the super hero me

  8. Elijah says:

    I did create your on Avatar. It was fun!

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