Online Learning for K – 1 for April 20 – Think Spring!

This week we are going to Think Spring! Here are some choices for you to do this week for your technology assignment:

For Computer with a Mouse (clicking and dragging practice):

For iPad – use a drawing app to draw a beautiful spring picture. Here are some app suggestions for this project:

  • Hello Crayon ( was used with K students)
  • Draw and Tell( was used with K students)
  • KidPix5(NOTE: this is a paid app. It is the same as the software that we use in technology class. If you have an iPad, it might be worth the cost as a familiar way for students to do technology activities at home.)
  • Any other app or website that lets you draw or create a spring picture is ok.

For Phone – go for a walk around your yard or neighborhood with your family. Use a phone to take pictures that show signs of spring. If you want, you and an adult can combine all your photos using an app to make a photo collage. Suggested apps:

  • Pic Collage EDU (iPhone/iPad) – free during the month of April, a wonderful app built for kids!
  • Pic Collage (Google) – free, does contain ads
  • Any other app or software that lets you combine pictures together is fine for this. Use whatever you have available and work together!

If you want, an adult may help you to leave me a comment to let me know what you did this week for technology class. They may also send me a picture showing me your project if you did one ( ! Have fun and think spring!


  1. Titus Hanafee (Ms.Alfredson’s kindergarten class) took some great pics of flowers, trees that were budding, and some veggies growing in our garden. He would like to send a picture to you, but there is no email or link to do that. Can you help with that? Thank you!
    Susan Hanafee

  2. Karen Bosch says:

    Thanks for the suggestion, Mrs. Hanafee. I’ve added the email into the blogpost. I loved seeing your beautiful pictures!

  3. Nicole says:

    Hi, Lexi (1st/Griffin) practiced some of the mouse skills clicking and dragging practice! Thanks!

  4. Ralwey says:

    This is Rawley. I took some pictures of flowers, pinwheels, an easter sign, and lots more flowers! It doesn’t feel like spring!

  5. Karen Bosch says:

    I agree, Rawley! I keep seeing snow coming down! I hope it warms up soon! Miss Bosch

  6. Camden says:

    This is Camden. I took pictures of trees with leaves, flowers, dandelions, a robin, and a thawed pond.

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