Online Learning for K – 5 for May 4 – Augmented Reality

(Note: this lesson is optional for Grade 3 who are working on another project with Miss Bosch and Mrs. Parris.)

Please first watch the video below to learn about Augmented Reality/AR:

To view AR objects in Google Search you’ll need:

  • Android smartphone or tablet: Android 7.0 or higher w/ pre-installed Google Play Store
  • iPhone/iPad: iOS 11.0 or higher

These are the animals that you can search for in Google that will convert to 3D augmented reality. When the search results open up, look for the view in 3D link to open the AR. (Please watch the video above to see exactly how to do it!) Take a photo of your animal when you get it to appear! (Note, these links will not work on a computer, only the phones/tablets listed above. Some phones may allow you to take video, but most will only take a still photo.)

If you cannot get the AR to work on your phone, here is a link to some animal webcams that you can visit. (Note: not all of the links may be active/working.)

Wildlife Live Feeds

When you are done with your activity for this week, leave a comment telling me which animals you made appear using Augmented Reality or which animals you saw online using webcams. A grown up may email one of the pictures to me so I can see it!

Project Idea: If you want, you may use a computer or iPad to type a story about the Augmented Reality animal visiting your house or yard. Add the picture into the story if you can. A grown-up may send the story to me – I would love to see it!


  1. Abby says:

    Hi it wont let me see it in my house only on a white screen

  2. Karen Bosch says:

    Hi Abby! Look at the top of your phone. In the center there is a button saying AR and a button saying OBJECT. Make sure you tap on the button that says AR to see it in your house. Try that and let me know if it works! I hope so!

  3. Teefy says:

    This is Teefy! I have a lot of animals like a penguin or a Cat! 😀😀😁

  4. Allison says:

    there is no button

  5. Karen Bosch says:

    Hi Allison, are you trying to do this on a phone? It will not work on a computer. Let me know!

  6. Eddie says:

    Hi this is Eddie and I took a picture with the tiger

  7. Elizabeth says:

    I took a picture with a tiger, snake and a shark. It was really cool.

  8. Zoe had a blast playing with this! thank you so much

  9. LaKristiana says:

    It was so much fun!

  10. LaKristiana says:

    I took a pic of a wolf by the way. Sorry about that.

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