Student eBook Downloads

Here are links to some iPad/iPod ebooks (in ePub format) that our SCS elementary students have created.  All of these books were created with the wonderful app called Book Creator!

These books are now available on iTunes and can be downloaded directly into iBooks on an iOS device.

The Guppy Bowl by the Second Graders (2016)

Snowman Having Fun 2016 by the First Graders

Do You Want to Build a Playground? by the Second Graders (2015)

Snowmen Having Fun 2015 by the First Graders

APPlied Poetry Anthology – Sixth Grade (2013)

Snowmen Having Fun by the First Graders (2014)

Winter Tales by the Second Graders (2014)


DIRECTIONS TO DOWNLOAD FROM DROPBOX: To download the files below you will need to use an iPhone, iPod, or iPad with the free iBooks app installed on it. Touch the link to the book below and it will open in Dropbox. Then touch “Download”, wait for the book to download (may take several minutes, be patient), another screen will open, and then select to open it in iBooks.

If you do not have an iPhone, iPod, or iPad, on a Mac computer the book can be opened using iBooks software.  On a PC computer, try using the Chrome browser with the Readium app to download/view the file.  If you have an Android phone, you might be able to use the ePub Reader app, or another app for ePub files.  (I have not tested this on an Android, so I cannot verify that this will work.)

These files can be downloaded from our Dropbox account:

The Guppy Bowl ePub version

Snowmen Having Fun 2016 ePub version

Do You Want to Build a Playground ePub file (3/14/15)

Snowmen Having Fun ePub file (3/14/15)

1st Snowmen Having Fun 2014 (updated link 2/14/14)

2nd Winter Tales 2014 (updated link 2/14/15)

K Cagwin Doctor or Nurse ebook 2012 (updated link 2/14/15)

4th Bourque ABC Book of the Northeast ebook 2012 (updated link 2/14/15)

1st Young Celebrating Our Famous Americans ebook 2012 (updated link 2/14/15)

UPDATE 2/05/15: Recent changes to iOS 8 has caused the audio in many of the books below to stop functioning. You still will be able to view the pages. I am working to make repairs! My apologies!

PreK Penguin ebook 2012

PreK The Foot Book 2012

K Tetirick Doctor or Nurse ebook 2012

1st Wilson Special Americans ebook 2012

1st Wilson People of the Bible ebook 2012

1st Swanson Animal Stories 2012

2nd Steer Winter ebook 2012

2nd Bennefield Winter ebook 2012

Mr. Steer’s Class – Our Winter Book 2012

Mrs. Bennefield’s Class – Our Winter Book 2013

Mrs. Nesbitt’s Class – Our Winter Book 2013

3rd Veldman Haiku ebook 2012

3rd Bricker Cinquain ebook 2012


Also, here is a link to our 6th grade APPlied Poetry Anthology, available for free download on iTunes:

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