Third Grade Minecraft Animal Habitat Reports using Explain Everything


The third graders recently finished creating their Minecraft Animal Habitats. They began this project by doing inquiry based research to learn about an animal’s habitat, then designed a habitat for the animal in Minecraft. They then took screenshots of their habitats and then used the Explain Everything app to record a report where they told about their habitat.  Here are some of the reports which they created. (Note: This was the students’ first time using Explain Everything, and not all reports are completed yet. A few have recording errors and need to be recorded again. We will try to finish/correct them and publish them in another post, if possible.)

Here are some of the reports which have been published:



  1. Jen Parker says:

    How do you use Minecraft in your classroom? Is this the regular game that students would play at home or did you have to purchase something for educational purposes?

  2. Karen Bosch says:

    We have the Pocket Edition app purchased and downloaded onto our iPads. We use it in “Creative” mode without the survival components.

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